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Common Sense Of Colloid Mill Maintenance

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1. Colloid Mill for high-precision machinery, wire speed up to 20m/seconds, and the disc gap is very small, repair after the installation must be used dial correction of the shell and the spindle of the coaxial degree error 0.05mm.

2. When repairing the machine, in the process of opening and reloading, it is never permissible to use iron Chung to tap directly, and to use wooden hammers or wood blocks to tap lightly to avoid damaging parts.

3. This machine seals: divides into the static, the dynamic seal, static seal using O-type rubber ring, dynamic seal using rigid mechanical combined seal, found that the hard sealing surface scratches should be immediately in the flat glass or plate casting on the grinding repair, grinding material for ≥200# sic grinding paste is good, if the seal damage or cracks seriously please immediately replace.

4. In the use of colloidal grinding process should be based on the processing of materials, as appropriate, regular maintenance.

5. For the maintenance of the motor use, please refer to the motor instructions.

6. Random spare parts are all GB, Department of standard parts, all over the country to buy.