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How To Buy Peanut Peeling Machine

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1. Random file information is complete: Product manual, which should be detailed description of the product's structure, working principle, use of maintenance, three packs of services (warranty card) and other items, product certification, and the body of the significant position should be affixed with diamond-shaped agricultural machinery extension license proof.

2. The appearance of agricultural machinery products: mainly from the vertical and horizontal two angle to observe the whole machine has no deformation; the whole appearance can not paint, serious scratches, bubbles and other phenomena, machine cover pieces, sheet metal parts should be flat and smooth.

3. The detailed inspection machine assembly situation: May inspect the machine everywhere 0, the component is intact, whether installs the specification, all does not adjust the screw, the stud, the nut all should tighten tightly, and according to the stipulation locking method to lock tightly.