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How To Clean Peanut Machinery Accessories

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1. Scale Removal method: Clear to the silicate as the main ingredient of scale, can be 2%-3% caustic soda water solution into the cooling system, to the locomotive after 1-2 days after the release, rinse with water, so repeat 1 times, and finally clean the cooling system thoroughly with water.

2. Oil removal methods: the parts of the surface of animal and vegetable oil and mineral grease removal, can be used solid-state Shimen solution to add a small amount of emulsifier, after heating cleaning. If the use of pressure injection, the effect is better, after cleaning, and then with heated water injection, rinse off parts of the surface residue of alkali solution.

3. Carbon deposition removal method: can be used metal brushes, shovel knives and other tools to eradicate carbon deposition. But this method is easy to scratch the surface of parts, so the removal of the precision parts on the carbon should be used wood or bamboo scraper to remove, but also in the soft wood back and forth friction clearance, mechanical method to remove the carbon deposits, the need to clean the oil carefully.