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Peanut Mechanization Makes Production More And More Income

- Dec 18, 2017 -

China's peanut processing production manual also occupy most of the market, peanut machinery used less, such as manual screening, hand-baked, hand peeling and so on, manual production waste a large amount of human and material resources, in the case of increasing labor costs, such as manual screening, work efficiency is extremely low, not suitable for mass production, Usually 10 people work one day, not as much as the peanut screening machine one hour of workload.

In the production of peanut baking, if the peanut machinery in the peanut baking furnace, high degree of automation, baked peanuts good color, after the subsequent use of dry peeling machine peeling or off, crushing rate is low, if the use of hand-baked, unripe degree of different, peeling when the crushing rate is high and not easy to remove.