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Prospect Of Application Of Peanut Machinery

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Peanut machinery is an important part of agricultural modernization, is an important guarantee for the sustainable and rapid development of agriculture and rural economy, in recent years, the total amount of peanut machinery and equipment has been steadily increasing, the working level is further improved and the scale of socialized service is increasing, although the level of the mechanization of peanut peeling is high However, it is used in the developed area and the demonstration promotion area, and the small machinery is many, the large machinery is few, the low-grade machinery is many, the high performance machinery is few. In some areas, peanut kernels used for seed and special use still use traditional hand stripping, with low labor productivity and uneven regional development.

With the development of peanut planting industry, the demand of peanut deep-processing products at home and abroad is increasing, so it is necessary to improve the mechanization working level of peanut peeling. The peanut peeling machine has played a positive role in improving labor productivity and alleviating labor intensity, which has promoted the technological progress of peanut processing industry and provided space for the development of peanut peeling machine.