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Safe Operation Of Bucket Hoist

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1. Bucket elevator by the designated personnel for maintenance and management, power switch box key by the designated personnel management.

2. Bucket hoist must have winch limiter and trip limiter, the limiter should make the pulley can be raised to the distance reel or pulley 300mm before the automatic stop.

3. Bucket elevator should be the maximum load mark, in the lifting, landing when the weight is not allowed to overload (1T).

4. After the power transmission, check the winch limiter, travel limit, interlock switch and other safety devices, the action is sensitive and reliable, and carry out test crane.

5. Before lifting and landing, ring the bell warning before you can drive.

6. Lifting machine is not allowed to manned up and down.

7. After the work, the elevator magnets should be landed, and then cut off the power, close the top and bottom guardrail door.

8. Constantly maintain environmental sanitation around the elevator.