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The Advantages Of Multifunctional Roast Potato Machine

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1. Use rust steel casing and inner liner (usable magnet identification), transparent glass window.

2.0-300 temperature adjustment, 0-10 to adjust the speed of the bar, stepless speed regulation, high efficiency and energy saving, high production of baked sweet potato machine, can bake a variety of food.

3. In the process of baking can make food all round uniform heating, keep food around the same color.

4. Fully enclosed good insulation performance, can greatly shorten the baking time, but also improve the quality of taste, originality has finished insulation box.

5. Safe and healthy, baked sweet potato machine in a certain temperature omni-directional continuous uniform barbecue, fast, good quality, abandoned the street big iron drum baked potato sweet potato shortcomings: Coal smoke, black focus. SO2, stupid derivatives and other harmful substances such as chemical contamination.

6. may also roast sweet potatoes, corn, taro, sausage, chicken wings, ham and other foods, baked sweet potato color, water loss less, clean sanitation, break the traditional mode.