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The Key To Making Peanut Butter

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Bake: Bake the peanut to 160 ℃, keep 40-60 minutes, require the color of peanut inside and outside consistent, no burnt paste phenomenon.

Cooling, sieving: peanut baked quickly out of the material, as soon as possible airing or blowing cold air cooling, peanut cooling and then peeled with the peeling machine, sieving, so that the cotyledon and germ separation.

Grinding sauce: The separated cotyledons into the mill for grinding sauce, the 1th time coarse grinding, grinding into a medium fineness, the 2nd time fine grinding, grinding into fine smooth finished product. Add sugar or salt to the 2nd time of dressing (sugar is 2%~3%, salt is 0). 5%) and 0. 5% Vitamin E.

Homogenization: In the stirring tank, heat the peanut butter to 60~70℃, add 2% of the mono-fat and 1%~5% soy protein powder, and mix evenly.

Canning and freezing: Put the peanut butter in the jar and freeze at low temperatures of about 0 ℃. After the whole crystallization is completed, the square can be moved, after which can be stored at room temperature.