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The quality of peanut machinery is the core of market competition!

- Nov 26, 2018 -

 Peanut machinery should pay special attention to detail before and during use, so as to better guarantee its service life and effect. The peanut baking machine makes the effective volume reach a large, and the microcomputer temperature controller controls the temperature accurately and reliably. Then, do you know that peanut machinery should pay special attention to details when using it?

1. The tempered and bulletproof double-glazed doors are used to observe the objects in the working room at a glance. Before the fire, clean the residual slag at the bottom of the furnace to prevent the blockage of the furnace from affecting the heating time of the heater.

2. Before firing, check the oil level display tube on the expansion tank. The oil level should be higher than 20 mm at the bottom of the glass tube. If the oil level is not reached, 330# heat transfer oil should be replenished in time.

3. Immediately after the fire, turn on the high temperature pump to accelerate the heat transfer oil circulation. When the temperature of the oven reaches 80 °C, start the forward rotation button of the cage to make the cage enter the working state to prevent the high temperature from deforming.

4. The temperature of the oven oil should be controlled at 290 °C-300 °C. The temperature is controlled by switching the fuel door. When the oil temperature is higher than 300 °C, the fuel door is opened to cool down. When the oil temperature is lower than 290 °C, the fuel door is turned off. When the temperature rises, the oil temperature should not exceed 300 ° C to prevent the heat transfer oil from reaching the boiling point.

5, peanut oven box closure elastic can be adjusted, the overall molding of silicone rubber door seal ring, to ensure high vacuum inside the oven should burn coal, in the process of burning should be timely cleaning the furnace strip to prevent coal coking caused by ventilation bad.