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Peanut Flavor Machine

  • Peanut Cooling Machine
    Peanut Cooling Machine
    Working principle of peanut cooling machine (1) Transportation Principle: The reducer (peanut cooling machine) drives the driving wheel through the chain drive, and the driving wheel uses the spline structure to drive the mesh belt forward. (2) Cooling...
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  • Continuous Peanut Flavor Mixing Machine
    Continuous Peanut Flavor Mixing Machine
    1. Description of continuous peanut flavor mixing machine Continuous peanut flavor mixing machine is made available in different profile as per product demands. Nuts are feed into rotating drum, the powder type flavor is supplied by flexible side wall belt...
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  • Spherical Coating Machine
    Spherical Coating Machine
    1. Decription of spherical coating machine The spherical coating machine is mainly used for uniform seasoning of peanuts and nuts. After the raw material flows into the cylinder of the spherical coating machine, it starts to work and drives the cylinder to...
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  • Octagonal Coating Machine
    Octagonal Coating Machine
    1. Decription of octagonal coating machine Octagonal coating machine is designed for nuts coating, dried fruits coating, cakes coating and other products coating by sugar, chocolate, vitamins and fruit shell. Infinitely variable speed control software and...
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  • Drum Coating Machine
    Drum Coating Machine
    1. Introduction of drum coating machine This drum coating machine is mainly used to process the potato chips, and other snacks. Flavoring material adopts screw fixed conveying, advanced flavoring system guarantee flavored evenly, speed of screw are...
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  • Peanut Coating Pan Machine
    Peanut Coating Pan Machine
    1. Decription of peanut coating pan machine That machine is specially used for baking peanuts and cocoa beans. The form of the heating material natural is gas and liquefied gas. Rotated heating elements is that: the heat is passed by the bottom of a pan,...
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