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  • Z Type Elevator
    Z Type Elevator
    1. Usage and Working Principle of Z type elevator Z type elevator is mainly used for hoisting and conveying various of grains (such as peanuts, corns, soybeans, rice and sunflower seeds). The hoisting machine drives the drive shaft and brings the chain and...
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  • Vertical Elevator
    Vertical Elevator
    1. Usage and Operational Principles of vertical elevator a) Vertical elevator is mainly used to lift up various of peanuts kernels and other granular materials. b) Materials flow into and are fed into, and then are dug up and loaded. Materials flowed in...
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  • Slop Elevator
    Slop Elevator
    Introduction of Slope Elevator The slope elevator is used to transport the seed or other materials to a certain height with zero damage. It is applied for a wide range of free flowing products in the grain, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, chemical...
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  • Spiral Elevator
    Spiral Elevator
    Decription of sprial elevator A sprial elevator consists of a vertical screw slot, two vibration motors, shocking-absorb system and a bottom frame etc. Sprial elevator uses two vibration motor as vibration source, transporting the material along the spiral...
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