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  • Peanut Powder Production Line
    Peanut Powder Production Line
    1. Description of peanut powder production line The peanut powder production line is mainly used for a variety of peanuts and other granular materials chopped ground into powder. The machine uses two different hobs to rotate, peanuts into a layer of...
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  • Peanut Chopping Machine
    Peanut Chopping Machine
    1. Decription of peanut chopping machine Peanut chopping machine is mainly used for a variety of peanuts and other granular materials chopped. There are two hobs in different direction, it makes the peanut into the first layer chopping, and then entering...
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  • Conveyor Belt
    Conveyor Belt
    1. Structure and Working Principle of conveyor belt Through worm reducer, the conveyer belt drives the drive shaft which moves the conveyer belt, and then hoists and conveys the materials to next process. It mainly consists of conveyer belt, drive shaft,...
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  • Peanut Dryer
    Peanut Dryer
    1. Description of peanut dryer That peanut dryer is used for drying and baking some kernel material like peanuts. The heating are produced into hot wind by the radiator and changed by circulating fan effection. Through adjusting parameter of steam valve...
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  • Salty Peanut Drying Machine
    Salty Peanut Drying Machine
    1. Decription of salty peanut drying machine Salty peanut drying machine is designed for salted peanut industrial process. The main function is to reduce the humidity of salted peanut. The heating medium is steam and the working temperature is below 100℃....
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  • Peanut Sheller Machine
    Peanut Sheller Machine
    1. Decription of peanut sheller machine It is used to remove the shell from the peanut. For the type, we have the simple type and line type. Simple type: you need to pick the peanut up in the straw and then put in the machine line type: you can directly...
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  • Peanut Picking Machine
    Peanut Picking Machine
    1. Working principle of peanut picking machine The peanut vines feed to the pick fruit system through automatic feeding machine, peanut vines were blow out through the wind selection sections after the roller gear make the peanut fruit fall off from peanut...
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  • Peanut Washing Machine
    Peanut Washing Machine
    1. Purpose and Working Principles of peanut washing machine This machine is used for cleaning the dust on the peanut kernel. Peanut kernels go from feeding hopper to cleaning room through conveying belt. During the conveying period, the brush roller will...
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  • Peanut Destoner Machine
    Peanut Destoner Machine
    1. Usage and working principles of peanut destoner machine Peanut destoner machiner is mainly used to separate impurities from granular cereals, such as peanuts, wheat, soybeans, rice, sunflower seeds and sesame. The specific gravity of impurity is bigger...
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  • Peanut Slicer Machine
    Peanut Slicer Machine
    1. Decription of peanut slicer machine peanut slicer machine is designed for slicing peanuts, almonds and other nuts. This slicing machine operation is very easy. 2. Structure of peanut slicer machine This machine is consist of feeding, cutting knife, and...
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  • Z Type Elevator
    Z Type Elevator
    1. Usage and Working Principle of Z type elevator Z type elevator is mainly used for hoisting and conveying various of grains (such as peanuts, corns, soybeans, rice and sunflower seeds). The hoisting machine drives the drive shaft and brings the chain and...
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  • Vertical Elevator
    Vertical Elevator
    1. Usage and Operational Principles of vertical elevator a) Vertical elevator is mainly used to lift up various of peanuts kernels and other granular materials. b) Materials flow into and are fed into, and then are dug up and loaded. Materials flowed in...
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