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Peanut Processing Line Machine

  • Conveyor Belt
    Conveyor Belt
    1. Structure and Working Principle of conveyor belt Through worm reducer, the conveyer belt drives the drive shaft which moves the conveyer belt, and then hoists and conveys the materials to next process. It mainly consists of conveyer belt, drive shaft,...
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  • Picking Belt
    Picking Belt
    1. Decription of picking belt This picking belt equipped with advanced speed adjustable motors, dust and slag removing machine. It has the advantages of lower energy consumption, lower noise, stable running, convenient, design humanization. Commonly we...
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  • Vabrating Screen
    Vabrating Screen
    1. Description of vabrating screen The vabrating screen is used for transporting and removing the impurity of a variety of food, such as peanut inshell, peanut kernels. The machine drives the eccentric shaft through the motor to push the vibrating body....
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  • Peanut Screening Machine
    Peanut Screening Machine
    1. Description of peanut screening machine The peanut screening machine is primary equipment which is used to grade different specification peanut. This machine is including hopper, conveyor, peanut sieving machine, supporting base, finished peanut...
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  • Storage Hopper
    Storage Hopper
    1. Description of storage hopper The storage hopper is used for storage the the material including peanut, cashew nut, rice, walnut and etc. It is made of stainless steel 304. 2. Feature of storage hopper a. assembly bolted, easy to install b. hot dip...
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  • Metal Detector
    Metal Detector
    1. Decription of metal detector Metal detector can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and garment, toy industry and so on, and it can be applied for cookies, sauces, dumpling, hum, soup, candy, meat, frozen food, salted food, fast food,...
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  • Cooling Trolly
    Cooling Trolly
    1. Decription of cooling trolly Cooling trolly is an affordable, superior quality of the popular cooling equipment. Particularly suitable for small and medium-sized production line supporting the use of food. Size can be customized according to customer...
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  • Electromagic Feeder
    Electromagic Feeder
    1. Decription of electromagic feeder In the production process, electromagic feeder can send the block and granule materials from the storage bin to the receiving device uniformly, regularly and continuously. In the sand and gravel production line, the...
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  • Shaping Quantitative Packing Machine
    Shaping Quantitative Packing Machine
    1. The usage of shaping quantitative packing machine The shaping quantitative packing machine is suitable for the quantitative packing of granule, such as rice, bean, grain. The machine has two weighing hoppers inside. 2. feature of shaping quantitative...
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