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Peanut machinery presents a prosperous development prospect

- Jan 10, 2019 -

Various peanut machinery plays an important role in peanut production. With the development of the rural economy, farmers are increasingly demanding various types of harvesting machinery and their accessories, and their requirements for various functions are getting higher and higher, and their performance, work efficiency and quality requirements are also coming. The higher. So how do you buy all kinds of machinery and accessories?

    Peanut machinery parts purchase notes:

    1 pay attention to the original factory: consumers will choose the brand when buying agricultural machinery, but also should pay attention to the brand when buying agricultural machinery accessories. Original parts are optimally matched to agricultural machinery in terms of material, size or quality. And the original parts have a perfect after-sales service system. Consumers are advised to purchase at a special dealer designated by the host manufacturer.

    2Comparative price: Due to the simple process and low production cost of counterfeit and shoddy products, they tend to attract consumers at a lower price, which is exactly what they are tempted. Therefore, consumers should understand the market price of some agricultural machinery parts. If the price is too different from the price you think, you should not immediately immerse yourself in a kind of joy that is cheap, and you should be more vigilant. There is a reason to sell the accessories at a low price, and most of them are fakes.

    3 observation packaging: When consumers buy accessories, they should open the package and carefully observe the surface of the accessories. Usually, the surface of the counterfeit parts is rough, and even after the processing, the surface cleaning is not performed, and there are still residual iron chips. Both the packaging and the accessories themselves are clearly different from the genuine accessories.

    In addition, when buying peanut machinery, be sure to pay attention, even if the small parts have to be invoiced to protect themselves. The purchased parts must have a product certificate, and have the signature of the inspector and the date of inspection. Also pay attention to check whether there is specific factory information marked in Chinese on the package.