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Peanut Frying Line Is Shipped Out

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Frying Assembly Line

Frying assembly line is conposed of hoisting, blanching, wet peeler, vibrating dewatering, sieving, cold air drying, giving material ration, frying, peeling, flavoring and cooling parts.

Frying assembly line adopts andvanced equipment in order to ensuring the frying quality of the peanut, it is the best andvanced equipment, the peanut materials is dipped three minutes in the water by the blanch machine, the peanuts are inflooded into dry peeler by the hanging board in order to squeezing and peeling, which can ensure the color of the peanut. The moisture of the surface can be dryed to 15 percent around, which can ensure the taste of the fryed peanut, and then the peanut btought into the frying pan rationly. The working temperature is from140 to 150, frying from 8 minutes to 10 minutes (according to the quantity),which can make sure that the color keep evenly. Then the peanut are brought into the anti-oil machine within 1 minute. The flavoring machine is flavoring salt over the peanut,then the next procedure that is the cooling, which can make the peanut cooling quickly, after that the peanut need to be packed.

Output: 500KG/H

Power: 150KG