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Z Type Elevator

- Apr 25, 2018 -

1.      Usage and Working Principle

ZTS-A hoisting machine is mainly used for hoisting and conveying various of grains (such as peanuts, corns, soybeans, rice and sunflower seeds).

The hoisting machine drives the drive shaft and brings the chain and bucket through cycloidal pin wheel reducer, and make the materials being hoisted convey horizontally – vertically convey – horizontally convey, therefore, can achieve the hoisting conveying result.

2.      Structure and Performance

2.1  This machine consists of feeding hopper, plastic bucket, chain and frame.

2.2  ZTS-A hoisting machine runs stably with little noise. It uses very less land. It effectively reduces the fall between materials conveyed and material-receiving device, so the broken rate of materials being conveyed is minimized. No environmental pollution.

3.      Installation

3.1  Check if the main parts are broken because of transportation before installation. If all the accessories are complete and if the main connecting places are firm.

3.2  The machine must be installed on firm ground with small vibration. Fix the machine by expansion bolt.