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Installation method of bucket hoist

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1. Bucket elevator must be firmly installed on the solid concrete Foundation, the surface of the concrete foundation should be flat, and a horizontal state, to ensure that the bucket elevator installed to meet the vertical requirements.

2. After the installation of the chassis, the installation chain and Hopper, Hopper link with the U-type screw, is not only a chain connector, but also a fixed part of the hopper, U-screw nut must be tightened and reliable to prevent loose.

3. Chain and Hopper after the installation of the appropriate tension.

4. Add the appropriate amount of oil and butter to the reducer and the housing, the reducer is lubricated with industrial gear oil, and the base or sodium base butter is available in the housing.

5. Commissioning, after the installation is completed, empty car commissioning.