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The working principle of peanut peeling machine

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Peanut peeling machine uses the peeling structure mainly: In order to blow, rub the main steel bar or steel grid strip structure, to squeeze, rub the main rubber drum or rubber floating concave plate structure, the former has a high crushing rate of peanut defects, the latter shelling efficiency and removal rate is not high

Peanut Peeling machine organic frame, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, sieve network (there are two kinds of size), into the hopper, vibrating screen, triangular belt pulley and its transmission triangle belt and so on, the machine after normal operation, the peanut quantitative, uniform, continuous input into the hopper, peanuts in the rotor of repeated blows, friction, collision, under the action of the peanut shell broken.

Under the rotating wind pressure and the blow of the rotor, peanut grains and crushed peanut shells through a certain aperture of the screen, at this time, peanut shells, particles by the blowing force of the rotating fan, light weight peanut shell was blown out of the body, peanut particles through the screening of vibrating screen to achieve the purpose of the election.