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Operation and application of peanut peeling machine

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1. Fix the motor so that the two grooves are on the same line, connect good power, must pick up the ground, good anyway after turning, idling 5 minutes after the stop check whether the screws loose, triangular belt tightness, whether the lubrication parts are hot, and two new compression, if abnormal to be adjusted.

2. The thick cots and the fine cots are no clearance fits, and the thick cots are adjusted by the pressure of the spring. By the role of the rocker arm tightly pressed on the fine rollers, the greater the spring pitch, the smaller the pressure, the pressure to the rough cots is small, the greater the opposite, the spring pitch adjustment requirements in 2-4mm around, which is the key to the impact of peeling effect.

3. Peanut peeling machine before the operation of the cover of the transmission parts of the protective cover, the operation must be carried out safety first, strictly in accordance with the operating rules, no negligence.