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What should be paid attention to when using peanut machinery in winter?

- Nov 30, 2018 -

 Under the high efficiency requirements of modern society, various industries have pursued higher production and processing efficiency, and diverse production machinery has emerged. Peanut machinery is highly regarded as an innovative peanut processing machine and is widely used in agricultural production and nut production and processing.

In the manufacturing industry, economics is an important goal of business operations. In order to improve the overall production efficiency, it is necessary to ensure the good performance of peanut machinery and reduce the maintenance cost caused by equipment failure. So how do you use peanut machinery in winter to reduce its failure rate? Peanut machinery manufacturers will briefly describe a few key points for everyone:

1. Peanut machinery used in winter Due to the low temperature, various application facilities will be subject to different degrees of performance changes, which will increase the frequency of damage to peanut machinery parts. Therefore, in order to ensure its normal working process, necessary equipment inspections are required before operation.

2, low temperature will increase the viscosity of peanut machinery oil, easy to wear parts, need to change the type of lubricant in time.

3. Peanut machinery needs to perform the necessary warm-up preheating operation before normal operation in winter. When the engine is viscous at low temperature, the viscosity of the oil will be large, which will cause the lubricant to be short-term and insufficient to spread around the lubrication points. If the engine runs at a high speed, the wear of the crankshaft, camshaft and rocker shaft will be intensified, and the weight will be caused. Serious accidents such as pulling cylinders and burning tiles.

4. The operation should be cleaned in time to prevent dust and other debris from entering.